Tubeskin provides support, compression and protection, helping to assist with sprains, swelling, wounds and injury.

Using anti-bacterial and elasticated material, the Tubeskin bandage uses compression and support to protect and aid recovery. The Tubeskin can be easily cut to size to reduce wastage and ensure a great fit on any limb.

Tubeskin Product Range

Features & Benefits

  • Support for weak joints, strains and sprains
  • Compression for acute injuries to reduce swelling
  • Protection of skin during sports
  • Secures wound dressings and protects wound sites

Why Tubeskin?

  • Comfortable, allows a free range of movement
  • Easy to apply and re-apply, no need for strapping tape or pins
  • Stays in place, continuous even support
  • Provides protection from bacteria
  • Antibacterial solution, lasts 50+ washes

Available at leading pharmacies across Australian and online at

Tubeskin Product Range